Saturday, February 27, 2010

papaws visit

       so my dad and his wife came to town lastnight and stayed the night.... as soon as they got here B who has only met my dad a few times and i woudlnt' think woudl remember him very welll, knew exactly who he was... i love that.... my dad is the kind of grandpa who gets on the floor and plays with the kids and picks them up and swings them and runs around the back yard with them even though hes a smoker and it kills him... LOL.... i just wished he lived here or was able to visit more...  
    shortly after my dad arrived we went to walmart to buy the kids each a fishing pole...( we were planning on going fishing today although the weather did not agree.... ) when we got back from walmart dad put the practice piece on their fishing poles and they went in the backyard to practice casting... the girls did wonderful... B didn't really have the hang of it but he also grabbed a fishing pole that was a little too big....  since the weather did not agree  with us today and tomorrow is supposed to be much better we are going to go to my sisters house where my dad is now and fish in the pond behind her house... i am very excited as well as the kids.... i havent' been fishing in forever and use to go all the time with my dad when i was  a little girl :)
ok enough rambling... i've had a very busy couple of days and i'm going to bed :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

recycling coffee grinds??

find this on a new blog i'm following and loved it.. thought i would share

12 Clever Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds (ecosalon)

Came across this link on ecosalon.com12 Clever Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds. Some interesting, unusual and useful ideas.
  1. Facial exfoliator: massage face with coffee grounds
  2. Conditioner for your hair
  3. Conditioner and flea control for your pets
  4. Mix coffee grounds with eggs whites for skin firming facial mask
  5. Use like baking soda in fridge to rid of odors
  6. Deodorizers for shoes
  7. Removing odors from hands
  8. Scouring grunge off of pots and pans
  9. Paper and fabric dye: boil a pot of water, then pour in coffee grounds and steep-now you've got the base for dye
  10. Touch up scratches on wood furniture by using dye above
  11. Natural ant repellent
  12. "Instead of inhaling or wearing the majority of the ashes you clear out of your fireplace, sprinkle a layer of coffee grounds over them first to reduce the mess."
Quick Tip: If you like these great ideas but don't have coffee grounds, you can always get them free at Starbucks by asking!

oh the fun i had today :)

     so today started off with a headache but thats nothing new..... LOL.... after b and i dropped off the girls to school this morning we were hanging watching some pbs kids and he was just being the cutest snuggliest thing in the world.... i love when hes like that.... and he does the cutest little expressions... i can't believe how grown my kids are.... the girls are starting to read and write and b's turning into a regular little man...  :) 

    well, after picked up e i was folding some clothes trying to prepare for my dads visit on friday ....  i thought b and e were in the bedroom watching a movie.... WELL apparently i was wrong b had first of all pooped in his pants and then decided to play in it and rub it in the carpet.. oh yes... and i was already feeling queasy this morning... so i put him in the bath and cleaned him up and then was off to clean up the carpets..... b comes up to me after i'm finished and am back to folding clothes and says " i sorry momma" how cute is that... i wasn't really mad i dont' think i even yelled or anything .... he tends to do this a lot so i just clean it up and move on... although it totally grosses me out... 
 i recall both the girls doing it once when taking their diapers off but not like him.. must be  a boy thing... LOL

    both the girls came up to me when going to bed and gave me  a hug and kiss and then both at the same time on either side of my tummy kissed it.. and said it was for the baby... it was sooo cute...

    ok i think b's asleep and i really need to get some more done tonight ... the hubbys off tomorrow and we have tons of running around to do :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

a little pregnancy rant

    ok for whatever reason with this final pregnancy i have had way more issues than the rest...nothing huge... just minor things that are a pain in my butt.....
i have been getting so many dang pimples its ridiculous.... i was also getting fever blisters.. real big ones on my lips.... right now the main thing is pimples.. big pimples that hurt bad and last forever ... my hubby jokingly and lovingly calls me the freak show and says that can be my wrestling name when i wrestle the big show... LOL....  no it doesn't bother me nor do i get mad because hes only joking... and he knows i'm still hot. LOL   anyways... so they are all over my face especially right in between my eyebrows... its great and the other day i found one on my back and after i got out of the bath there was one on my neck... really ?? my neck..... geez....

     also i have been so much more tired than with the others..... by afternoon i'm so tired i can barely keep my eyes open... and my boobs... they are already 3x's the size of my pre baby ones and all the saggy skin from the other three pregnancys are filled in... i know i know too much info... but its awful.. i'm not one of those women who wants big boobs... i woudl prefer my pre kids ones but those are lost forever so i want my old saggy ones back LOL

    lets see what else... the nausea isnt' as bad but i still get it and it sucks.... and my sinuses are always full grrrrr.....

    i am 13 weeks tomorrow and i can not wait to find out what we will be having... can't wait.... will it be ava jane or micheal christopher????    i also can't wait till i start feeling my little one move.. i can feel little flutters but i love feeling my little one inside moving around.. best feeling in the world... aside from holding them in your arm that first time :)

really???? a whole bath without an interruption

   first of all let me add to my previous entry about my son never going to sleep.. not only does he not go to sleep but he usually wakes up every 3-4 hours... sooooo thats another main reason why i just end up sleeping with him... normallly ( unless i'm super tired i will leave after he initially falls asleep but...... when i hear him on the monitor i will normally just grab my cell ( my alarm ) and just get in bed with him.... makes it easier.....

     i am extremely excited.... my dad will be down on fri to spend fri night and saturday with the kids.. we haven't seen him since christmas 2008 cause his wife has been sick and in and out of the hospital... so i'm more excited than usual.....  and hes taking my kiddos fishing which they are going to love!!!!

    my dad is awesome.... he builds things from wood that are amazing.. he made the girls and E and a I for their names and he made stools with their names on them also... so now hes making boys.... a B i can't wait to see how he did this.....  he also makes these amazing boxes..... i would post a pic but the ones he sent me aren't very good pics and you really can't see what a talent he has.....

    so boy went down very easy tonight... almost too easy AND i was able to take a bath without hearing him over the monitor ( which usually happens 9out 10 times and my bath is shot) so i feel very lucky tonight.... i think i'm going to watch some tv , eat somethign and work on a elf hat for a customer :)

Monday, February 22, 2010


   why is it so hard to get kids to go to sleep?? why do i baby my 2 year old son so much that he gives me the biggest problem? why can't i just stick with it long enough and let him cry it out and have the patients to keep taking him to his room when he gets out? why do i instead either sit on his bed or in the hall or in his door way and hope for him to go to sleep?

   i mean really how did we get to this point .. i don't ever recall it being so hard with my girls... of course they get out of bed sometimes but they go back to bed without giving me to many problems... why why why????

    all i want  is to go take a hot bath and relax before my favorite cbs monday night shows come on but instead its 730 and i'm sitting in boys door way hoping and praying he falls asleep soon..... every minute or so he gets up and says hes thirsty.. i'm done giving water because  thats an excuse.....

   does anyone have any suggestions...??? this is ridiculous and i'm going to be having another baby in a few months.. what am i going to do than bring them both in here... i do have a plan... i'm planning on setting up the play pen in here just in case we need to sleep in boys room... pathetic i know.. but i'm so desperate for sleep... i've always been someone who needed sleep i don't function well without sleep UNLESS its because i was up all night with children puking that the only way i can still function... must  be a mom thing :)  blah... i'm sooooooooooooooooooo over it

The questions..
1. How often do you wash/change your sheets?
I would say probably once every 2 weeks...maybe!

2. When is your birthday?
september 16

3. Have you ever met a bloggy friend in real life?'
no not so far

4. Brad Pitt or George Clooney?
ummmm i think i would have to say george clooney

5. If you could change one thing about your body what would it be?
Only one?? Would love to have my boobs back to their pre kid status :)

6. How often do you wash your hair?
i try to once a day.. but some times when things are crazy i go 2

7. Do you have pets?
a cat  arial

8. How many social networks do you belong to..if you had to give up one, what would it be?
Blogger, Twitter, facebook, myspace, and i think thats it and i would give up myspace or twitter.... never my blog or my facebook


      everyday us as moms have to clean ... every single day...... no matter what we do the day before its a mess the next day.... i don't know about you guys but i don't want to spend every single minute of my life cleaning up so my house will never be spotless and everything in its place.... not unless you come over for a birthday party or something that i plan.... and even then i'm sure something will be out of place... i really dont' know how the moms who do keep everything in its place do it... i honestly have tried its just not for me...... i'm not that organized and i have to have some me time....

     anywho....... so as i sit here writing this blog i'm thinking about all that needs to be done even though i spent all day yesterday doign laundry.... ( and i'm pretty sure i have atleast 2 loads i need to do today) hey atleast i'm thinking about it right LOL....  i also have 3 hats that i need to finish.....  well i better get busy :) just wanted to rant a little  :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

So here goes.......

    I have tried blogging before..... but never got any readers..... so i figured i woudl stop.... now i'm going to try to start again... i find as my children are getting older and more mouthy and whiney and the fact that i am getting ready to add another one into the mix in september... might be a good idea to start a blog and get it out...

   i love my kids... they are awesome 2 girls 5 and 6 and a son 2 1/2 ... we dont' know what the new additions sex is yet  but can't wait to find out...

  my kids are amazing.... the really keep me going .... and make me wanna pull all my hair out all at the same time LOL.. which i'm sure you other mothers can relate too.... its hard being the primary caretakere to the kiddos... my husband is an amazing husband and father but he has to work a lot but we understand that and enjoy the time when hes off :)

   i'll tell you now i probally won't use caps in any of these ... i type fast but faster if i dont hit the shift key and i will misspell words ALOT LOL.... just warning you now.. so if you have an issue with things like that you might not want to read my blog.... hey atleast i'm honest....  :)

   yesterday my son decided to throw a red crayon in my dryer while sister 2s comforter was in there... did i mention my dryer is less than a year old.... yep he did i was able to save my dryer and get most of the crayon off with the infamous magic eraser .... i wasn't so lucky with the comforter... i was quite irritate considering it was her good comforter she got last christmas ..... oh well what can you do....
    on top of that we are also starting our temper tantrum , no , i need that phase... its great.... not that i'm not tired enough from being pregnant for the 4th time and driving kids back and forth all day and feeling like i'm always on the go ...  BUT than when hes done crying in his room for another tantrum he comes out climbs on my lap and says " momma i wanna  hold you".... and that does it because how could you stay mad at that ?  i sure can't... my husband says i baby him and i probally do and probally will pay for it come september. LOL..

    my daughters..... 5 and 6 a great age.... a little bit of attitude but not too much... daughter 1 the 6 year old she is very clean and tidy and doens't mind cleaning.. she gets that from her father.... daughter 2 the 5 year old she doesn't like cleaning and its a chore to get her to do it.... she gets that from me so i can't really be mad now can i LOL.......

    well i'm done sitting on the floor by my sons bed till he falls alseep for the night  so i guess its time to get some house work done :)