Saturday, February 27, 2010

papaws visit

       so my dad and his wife came to town lastnight and stayed the night.... as soon as they got here B who has only met my dad a few times and i woudlnt' think woudl remember him very welll, knew exactly who he was... i love that.... my dad is the kind of grandpa who gets on the floor and plays with the kids and picks them up and swings them and runs around the back yard with them even though hes a smoker and it kills him... LOL.... i just wished he lived here or was able to visit more...  
    shortly after my dad arrived we went to walmart to buy the kids each a fishing pole...( we were planning on going fishing today although the weather did not agree.... ) when we got back from walmart dad put the practice piece on their fishing poles and they went in the backyard to practice casting... the girls did wonderful... B didn't really have the hang of it but he also grabbed a fishing pole that was a little too big....  since the weather did not agree  with us today and tomorrow is supposed to be much better we are going to go to my sisters house where my dad is now and fish in the pond behind her house... i am very excited as well as the kids.... i havent' been fishing in forever and use to go all the time with my dad when i was  a little girl :)
ok enough rambling... i've had a very busy couple of days and i'm going to bed :)

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