Wednesday, February 24, 2010

oh the fun i had today :)

     so today started off with a headache but thats nothing new..... LOL.... after b and i dropped off the girls to school this morning we were hanging watching some pbs kids and he was just being the cutest snuggliest thing in the world.... i love when hes like that.... and he does the cutest little expressions... i can't believe how grown my kids are.... the girls are starting to read and write and b's turning into a regular little man...  :) 

    well, after picked up e i was folding some clothes trying to prepare for my dads visit on friday ....  i thought b and e were in the bedroom watching a movie.... WELL apparently i was wrong b had first of all pooped in his pants and then decided to play in it and rub it in the carpet.. oh yes... and i was already feeling queasy this morning... so i put him in the bath and cleaned him up and then was off to clean up the carpets..... b comes up to me after i'm finished and am back to folding clothes and says " i sorry momma" how cute is that... i wasn't really mad i dont' think i even yelled or anything .... he tends to do this a lot so i just clean it up and move on... although it totally grosses me out... 
 i recall both the girls doing it once when taking their diapers off but not like him.. must be  a boy thing... LOL

    both the girls came up to me when going to bed and gave me  a hug and kiss and then both at the same time on either side of my tummy kissed it.. and said it was for the baby... it was sooo cute...

    ok i think b's asleep and i really need to get some more done tonight ... the hubbys off tomorrow and we have tons of running around to do :)

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